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Czech Glass Seed Beads Size 12/0 3 cut Transparent Crystal

Czech Glass Seed Beads Size 12/0 3 cut Transparent Crystal
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Czech 12/0 3 cut colored glass seed beads are an ideal bead for jewelry making, fabric embellishment and crafts. 12/0 seed beads are small enough to create detailed work but not the tiniest of seed beads. Available in dozens of colors. Opaque colors are solid colors. Transparent beads are see-thru, allowing light from behind to illuminate the colors. Transparent iris have a coating giving beads a rainbow iridescence. Metallic beads have an elegant polished soft metal appearance. The rainbow finished beads have a lovely iridescent multicolored effect. Silver lined beads are also sometimes referred to as rocailles they are transparent glass with a silver lining for sparkle. Pearl, ceylon and ceylon pearl, these beads have a soft, shiny appearance. The colors are lighter and more delicate than the standard opaques . A wide selection of colors, many available in multiple shades, give the bead artist and crafter a great bead palette with which to work. Approximate pack specifications: 0.52 ounce: hank or hank equivalent of 10x15" strands, 3000 beads